Monozukuri forms the bedrock of our consulting practice

Our favorite Japanese word is monozukuri. Meaning both “craftsmanship” and “manufacturing”, it evokes the pursuit of perfection, a passion for innovation, lifelong mastery and a powerful work ethic. However, it’s also difficult to translate exactly. It is often used to describe quintessentially Japanese processes, technology, production and even intangible qualities such as a dedication to continuous improvement.

This ambiguous but powerful philosophy has guided successful Japanese brands for centuries – explaining why half of the oldest companies still operating are from Japan.


Sister concepts to monozukuri

Alongside monozukuri, there are two more concepts that truly illustrate the unique personality of the Japanese production method. Number one is hitozukuri, which means developing passionate people through life-long learning. This is about nurturing the skills of key people and developing their ability to work interpersonally and overcome challenges.
Number two is kotozukuri, meaning a business exit theory that seeks to achieve the highest quality products, reexamine processes and understand the market.


What these concepts mean to us

Although the word “monozukuri” itself came into the popular lexicon fairly recently, the principals for which it and the other concepts stand form the bedrock of Japanese society.
Likewise, monozukuri informs every aspect of our consulting practice here at UNFILTER. Namely, we strive for constant improvement and to always deliver excellence. When needed, this may mean multiple trials, experimentation and reprioritization – but this flexibility and desire to learn let us make the best decisions possible with a focus on lifelong success and building relationships.

We combine our years of experience and genuine passion for Food & Beverage to bring the monozukuri concept to life for each and every one of our clients.